General Information

1.  Volunteer Firm Referral List October 2018

2.  Family law Letter (SCLS resource)

3.  Schedule of Limitation Dates (SCLS resource)

Legal Aid Information

4.  Can I get legal aid?

5.  Application for Legal Aid

Domestic & Family Violence

6.  How do I get a domestic violence protection order? 

7.  How to apply for a protection order  –  A self help kit

8.  Someone has applied for a domestic violence protection order against me … What are my legal options?

9.  SCOPE – Regional Domestic and Family Violence Service – Sunshine and Cooloola Coast

10.  Domestic violence videos – this series of videos explains the court process for domestic and family violence to provide you with the information you need to take part in the legal process.

Child Support

11. The Parent’s Guide to Child SupportAustralian Government – Child Support Agency

Family Law/ Federal Circuit Court

12.  Compulsory Family Dispute Resolutions Court Procedures & Requirement

13.  FACT SHEET – The First Court Event – helpful information (FMC)

14.  FACT SHEET – Going to court – tips for your court hearing

15.  Duty of disclosure – Family Court of Australia

Self Help – DIY Kits/Forms

16.  Consent Orders Supplement

17. Consent Orders Kit

18.  Initiating Application Kit

19.  Response to Initiating Application

20.  Preparing an Affidavit

21.  Service

22.  Application for Divorce

23.  Divorce Service Kit

24.  Application for Divorce Kit

25.  BROCHURE – *Marriage, families & Separation

Court Fees


27.  Application for Exemption from fees – general

28.  Application for Exemption from fees – financial hardship

29.  Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity – general

30.  Application for reduction of payment of divorce or decree of nullity – financial hardship

Referral Information

31. Family Relationship Centre Sunshine Coast

32. Uniting Care Sunshine Coast – Family Dispute Resolution Service

33. Lifeline Sunshine Coast – Need financial counselling?

Booklets to help separating families

You and Family LawA Short Guide

Consent Orders, Parenting Orders and Parenting Plans – Guides to preparing a written agreement with you ex-partner about arrangements for your children.

Parenting Orders-what you need to know