Our Client's Rights

What Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc (SCLS) does

  •  SCLS provides free legal advice, casework, information, and referral services to the community.  Legal advice is available by appointment only.
  • SCLS also provides community legal education services, community development services and undertakes law reform work.
  • SCLS encourages community participation in the delivery of the legal services it provides, and in the management of the Service and its resources.

What our clients can expect

  • QUALITY SERVICE – SCLS aims to provide quality services to its clients and the community, which meet with professional practice standards.  Limited funding and resources necessitate planning, monitoring and evaluation of services provided.  We welcome your comments, criticisms or suggestions regarding quality of services provided.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – SCLS ensures that client confidentiality will be preserved by all workers or volunteers of the Service.  Please feel free to ask to see the Service’s written policy on client confidentiality.
  • COURTESY – SCLS workers and volunteers will treat all clients of the Service with courtesy and respect.

If you have a COMPLAINT, COMPLIMENT or SUGGESTION about the quality of service provided to you, or if you are unhappy about any aspect of your contact with SCLS, please let us know by completing our Feedback form.

SCLS has a client complaint policy that ensures any complaint will be dealt with appropriately and promptly.  A copy of this policy can be provided to you on request.