Our Team


Management Committee

President Gabe Hutchinson Lawyer (Clutch Legal)

Vice President Jodie Bruce – Lawyer (Jodie Bruce Law)

Jemma Barnard – Lawyer (Travis Schultz & Partners)

Jessica Popple – Lawyer (Pippa Colman & Associates)

Mark Ellis – Lawyer (Volunteer)

Noela L’Estrange – Lawyer 

Paul Morton – Manager (Push Productions) 


Julian Porter – Managing Solicitor


Julian Porter – Managing Solicitor
Alexandra Kupka – Family Lawyer
Russell Faulkner – Lawyer
Sue Merrotsy  Lawyer


Jessica Elmes – Administrative Officer
Kelsey Hutchin – Administrative Officer


Christine Lepp – Team Leader/Tenant Advice Worker 
Nicola Blundell – Lawyer/Tenant Advice Worker
Emma Webster  Lawyer/Tenant Advice Worker

Social Workers

Joanne Rouse– Social Worker/Clinical Supervisor 

Our Volunteers

Our team includes a large number of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who generously donate their time to help deliver our Service. Want to become a volunteer? Complete the Application Form here.