QSTARS Client Survey


We would really like to know how you found your experience with us.  If you can spare two minutes to provide us with feedback by completing this short survey, we would be extremely grateful! All responses are shared with our management team so we can focus on how to better serve you.

SCLS Survey - QSTARS Customer Feedback Survey
What type of tenancy issue did you have? *
How much did you learn about your tenancy rights and responsibilities?
0 - Nothing at all
10 - Everything I needed to know
How confident were/are you to act on the tenancy advice you received? *
Do you feel more confident dealing with future tenancy matters? *
Do you feel engaging with QSTARS helped you maintain your tenancy? *
To what extent did the QSTARS service meet your needs? *
How easy was it to access the QSTARS program? *
Would you recommend QSTARS tenant advice service to people you know? *
How did you hear about the Sunshine Coast QSTARS program?? *
Overall how would you rate your overall experience with the QSTARS team? *
0 - Very bad
10 - Absolutely fantastic