Social Work

Suncoast Community Legal Service (SCLS) recognises that dealing with legal matters can often be a stressful time. Clients who have had an appointment with SCLS within the last 60 days are also eligible to be referred to the Social Work Student Hub (SWSH).  Social work students under supervision provide free support and can take time to listen in a non-judgemental way to your concerns.

Social work students have been supporting SCLS clients as part of a University of the Sunshine Coast program since 2018.  Social work students can offer short-term counselling, problem-solving and decision-making support information and referral to specialist services; stress-management and self-care support and resources.

After a referral from a lawyer or QSTARS Tenancy Worker, the social work supervisor will designate the client to a student. The student will often be the first point of contact and explain how the service works and confirms that the client is interested in proceeding. A student seeks the client’s permission to schedule a time for an assessment to take place, either over the telephone or in person, according to the client’s preferences. The student and the client then work together to develop a plan on how short-term goals and needs will be met.

Suicide Risk Support 

Call 000 if there is imminent threat

Phone Support

  • 24 hour phone support – Lifeline                           Ph: 13 11 14

  • Online counselling – Suicide Call Back service.     Ph: 1300 659 467

  • 24/7 chat, call, or email – Beyond Blue                 Ph: 1300 22 4636

  • A General Practitioner will work through a mental health plan and can refer to therapists with Medicare rebates or bulk billing. 

Online support:

Suicide Risk Warning Signs

  • Talking about death/wanting to die

  • Feeling worthless or alone

  • Identifying as a burden on others

  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Inability to imagine future

  • Bequeathing items

  • Substance abuse

  • Insomnia

  • Constant distraction

  • Social withdrawal

Mental Health Support 

Call 000 if there is imminent threat

Phone Support:

  • 24 hour phone support – Lifeline Ph: 13 11 14

  • Open Minds Ph: 1300 673 664

  • SANE Australia support and information        Ph: 1800 18 7263

  • Blue Knot: Adult survivors of childhood assault Ph: 1300 657 380

Online Support:

Mental Health Warning Signs

  • Constant fatigue/low energy

  • Lack of emotion

  • Physical Pain

  • Poor sleeping and eating habits

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Decline in personal care

  • Avoidance

  • Isolation


Homelessness Support 

General Support:

  • QSTARS advice and referrals Ph: 1300 744 263

  • Homeless Hotline Ph: 1800 474 753. Accommodation, meals, showers.

Mental Health Support:

  • Homeless Mental Health Outreach Team (HHOT) Ph: 53194800

  • 24 hour phone support – Lifeline Ph: 13 11 14

Housing Assistance:

  • Department of Housing Ph: (07) 5432 0700

  • Coast2Bay Ph: 54512900

  • Kyabra Ph: 54413837 Email:

  • Anglicare Queensland Ph: 1300 769 814

Homeless help online:

Homelessness Warning Signs

  • Expressing feelings of being unsafe

  • Struggling to maintain hygiene

  • Stress induced behaviours

  • Defensive when asked for address

  • Disorganisation

  • Health Problems

Domestic and Family Violence Support 

Call 000 if there is imminent threat

Domestic and Family Violence Warning Signs

  • Expressing feelings of being unsafe

  • Emotionally drained

  • Addiction problems

  • Highly Anxious/fearful

  • Reserved and Distanced

  • Low self-esteem

  • Physical injuries

  • Isolated

Young People and Children Support

  • Kids Helpline Ph: 1800 55 1800

  • Child and Youth Mental Health Service           Ph: (07) 5202 9500

  • Act for Kids – therapy and support for at risk of harm children. Ph: (07) 3850 3200 

  • IFYS – child protection, counseling, support services Ph: (07) 5438 3000 

  • Sunny Kids – emergency accommodation, domestic violence and referral counselling.    Ph: (07) 5479 0394

  • You Turn – child safety, accommodation, at risk of homelessness support Ph: (07) 5442 4277

  • Reachout Australia – community based articles focused on youth problems and anonymous spaces to talk. Website contact form

Young People and Children Online Support

Reachout Australia:

Act for Kids:


Sunny Kids:

You Turn: