Strategic Plan 2021-2024


Fair and equal access to justice for our community


Address disadvantage by providing quality legal and allied services to our community


Respect, independence, effectiveness, integrity, collaboration

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide high quality legal and allied services on a fair and equal basis, with a focus on people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable.
    1.1: Promote the legal rights of people living in our community, particularly those in our priority client groups.
    1.2: Be responsive to community need in providing allied services to our clients.
    1.3: Use evidence-based research to identify our priority client groups and target their legal needs.
    1.4: Ensure we can effectively demonstrate our performance and impact.
  2. Develop and strengthen partnerships and collaborations to meet the needs of our community.
    2.1: Collaborate and partner with legal and community service providers to access and support our priority client groups.
    2.2: Maintain and strengthen our ongoing partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast.
    2.3: Identify and grow further partnerships and collaborations to better meet our goals.
  3. Enhance organisational sustainability including our people, financial and technological resources.
    3.1: Continue to meet all requirements to be an accredited Community Legal Service and to receive State and Commonwealth Government funding.
    3.3: Diversify funding sources and increase financial independence.
    3.4: Further develop the use of technology to better meet our goals.
    3.5: Provide a safe and supportive work environment for our staff and volunteers.
  4. Help people address their legal problems through community legal education, advocacy, law reform and promotional activities.
    4.1: Initiate and contribute to effective advocacy and law reform activities on issues affecting our community.
    4.2: Provide education to members of our priority client groups to help prevent legal and social issues arising.
    4.3: Engage in promotional and community activities to ensure that our priority client groups know we are here to help.