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Volunteer Position

Policy Statement

Pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) the SCLS must ensure that conflicts of interest do not occur in the course of providing advice and/or casework assistance.

Where potential conflicts of interest can arise

1. Advising/acting for both parties in the one matter;

2. Advising/acting against someone who is a present or past client;

3. Advising/acting for someone the Service has given advice/acted against in the past;

4. Advising/acting in a matter where a current or previous Centre worker or volunteer is the other party;

5. Advising in a matter through a volunteer lawyer who is acting for or has previously advised or acted for the other party;

6. Advising/acting in a matter where a Centre worker or volunteer has acted against the client in a previous job.

The potential conflicts in numbers 1-4 are identified by consultation of SCLS records. Identification of those at number 5 and 6 rely on workers and volunteers self-reporting, and the liability for acting in a conflict situation rests upon them.

Privacy Delaration

Volunteer Agreement Declaration
  • I understand that ALL information divulged by the client at the Service is confidential.
  • I understand not to reveal any information about any client except as required by the Service.
  • I will alert the session Coordinator/Principal Solicitor to any problems I encounter in my dealing with any clients.
  • I will advise the Coordinator at the earliest possible time if I am unable to fulfil my obligations at any rostered advise sessions and I will attempt to arrange a replacement for the roster.
  • I have no record of criminal convictions recorded against my name.
  • I grant and convey to SCLS all right, title and interests in any and all photographic, images, media or audio recordings of me or my likeness or voice made by SCLS in connection with my providing volunteer services to SCLS.
All membership applications are presented to the Management Committee for consideration.
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